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John Maunz

"For those looking for a first-class audiologist offering excellent services, I can highly recommend Dr. Stephanie Long. Dr. Long patiently worked with me to program my hearing aids to be compatible with the latest accessories, and the microphone which my wife wears clipped to her shirt. No longer having to shout, my wife can now talk normally and I can clearly hear her even when she's in the garden, and I'm in the garage. It works terrifically!

Dr. Long's expertise in fine-tuning many programs for my hearing aids and these devices has enhanced my ability to better hear and understand someone talking to me in many different settings, cutting out background noises significantly. I now enjoy viewing videos and actually understand what is being said.

Thank you, Dr. Long, for giving me back that which I had lost for so long."

~ John Maunz, Saint Augustine, FL

"About Better Care Audiology delivers really personalized care that goes beyond the norm. Stephanie's positive attitude, expertise, and understanding of hearing aids and the people who need them make all the difference. I started with doubts about finding something and ended up with hearing aids that are perfect for me. The sound is so natural, I forget I'm wearing them! There was never any pressure, and she was open to anything I wanted to try."

~ Celia H of Appleton, Wisconsin

"Stephanie is a listener who finds solutions. Her educational background is impressive as is the way she handles the interview, the resolution, and the follow-up. There is no pressure to buy or to buy the most expensive. She will refer you to an ENT specialist if she feels you must see one."

~ Mary P of Appleton, Wisconsin

"I first got interested in learning more about ear protection after it was recommend by experienced riders. I definitely wanted to protect my hearing from the damage of high noise while riding. I then searched for the best audiologist I could find in Northeast Wisconsin and came across About Better Care Audiology and was very impressed that Dr. Long won the 2013 Audiologist of the Year award. The whole process was very easy, and the fit of the custom ear plugs is excellent for a reasonable price. Now, I never ride without my ear plugs; the disturbance of the wind noise ruins the riding experience. You still hear all the noise outside but at a reduced 70% of the loudness.

Now I can ride with better focus and with my hearing protected. I recommend to any motorcycle rider to invest in custom ear plugs; they are made with high quality and fit well, and with Dr. Long you know you are getting one of the best."

~ Shavan Chalasane, Appleton

"I purchased a hearing aid from Dr. Stephanie Long a little over a year ago. She did a very thorough analysis of my hearing issues. She helped me understand what type of aid would best fill my needs. She worked with me as a partner to get my aid to work the way I wanted it to work (I am very demanding).

I had an initial problem with my aid and Stephanie really did a great job getting the problem resolved. Then, a little over a year later, I had some more issues with my aid, and she went out of her way to get the aid fixed and even provided me with a substitute aid while the manufacturer was repairing my aid. Stephanie stands behind the products she sells and makes the manufacturer respond to a problem quickly and effectively.

This is great service after the sale, which will keep me coming back to About Better Care Audiology in the future. I have also purchased a hearing aid before from another place recommended by my doctor. I had much better service with About Better Care Audiology, especially service after the sale. Stephanie is also very easy to talk to about hearing issues, and she takes the time to understand my needs and concerns. I would recommend her to anyone with a hearing concern."

~ Bob P of Greenville, Wisconsin

"Dr. Long provided the necessary information for me to make a comfortable decision. There was no pressure applied, and there was great follow-up care."

~ Bill V of Appleton, Wisconsin

"I met Dr. Stephanie Long on January 17, 2013. What a life-changing journey I began that day. I am deaf in one ear due to a failed ear surgery 36 years ago and have worn an ultra power hearing aid in the other ear since. I was told I had to live with the limitations of hearing/understanding along with the feedback because of my profound hearing loss and the difficulty creating a snug-fitting ear mold due to the shape of my ear canal. The limited hearing and embarrassing feedback caused me to endure many humiliating and hurtful experiences, which, over many years, finally took their toll. I got tired of putting on that happy face, and I became a recluse.

By accident in 2012, I experienced I could hear quite well with my hearing aid if I kept a finger constantly pushing in on the ear mold, but held just right. More molds were tried to no avail. It was disheartening knowing I could hear great if only a mold would fit me correctly.

In January 2013, I researched and liked what I read about Dr. Long and got an appointment with her. She worked with my existing ear mold and I had an instant, dramatic improvement in hearing that day thanks to her expertise and simply changing to a different type of ear mold tubing.

Dr. Long experienced the difficulty fitting me with a new ear mold and being the attentive and caring person she is, inquired if I had ever heard of a bone-attached hearing aid and went on to explain they do not require an ear mold and encouraged me to learn if I was a candidate. I would like to stress, Dr. Long put MY needs first even though she knew if a bone-attached hearing aid would work for me, I would no longer be in need of purchasing any more hearing aids and ear molds.

I was found not to be a candidate, but I was stunned to learn I was a candidate for a Cochlear Implant in my deaf ear. Due to the previously failed surgery in that ear, I was very apprehensive to have any ear surgery. Upon hearing the news about the CI, Dr. Long did everything in her power to encourage and support me.

Eventually Dr. Long came up with an idea for the ear mold manufacturer which was tried and a success on the first attempt. Now, a year after meeting Dr. Long, I have the best of both worlds; I have a CI for my deaf ear and a properly fitted hearing aid and ear mold in the other.

Directly and indirectly, Dr. Long has given me back a major part of me that has been missing for many long years. From my first office visit with her, I find her personality is of a relaxing style, as if we have known each other for years.

'Dr. Long puts her client's interests first. Her, empathy, compassion, concern, and interest she has taken in my life, looking out for my well-being, says everything about Dr. Long.' ~ Nancy

'I am very grateful when I see Nancy not having to deal with hearing frustrations and sitting at home like she has been for years. Nancy now feels more confident and comfortable being out in public and she is playing the piano again. She is more relaxed, too. Thank you, Dr. Long, for all that you have done for Nancy.' ~ Dave

~ Dave and Nancy Gilbertson, Appleton, WI

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