Fact: Untreated hearing loss has been associated with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
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Welcome to About Better Care Audiology

We provide full comprehensive hearing services, including:

  • Complete hearing evaluation and testing
  • Hearing aid evaluation and dispensing
  • Hearing aid adjustment and servicing
  • Customized ear protection and musician monitors
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Hearing screenings for newborns
  • Specialized auditory processing evaluations for children and adults

Our first meeting to discuss hearing aids and your personal hearing profile is without charge to you.




On Feb. 22, 2013, the 2013 Audiologist of the Year Award was presented by the Wisconsin Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Association to Dr. Stephanie Long, Au.D.

“It was clear from the nomination that Dr. Long is an exceptional, caring, empathetic, respectful and patient professional Audiologist. Dr. Long treats every patient who walks in her door like they are a member of her own family. She really goes the extra mile in providing great care and service to her patients.”




"Hello. I am Dr. Stephanie Long, doctor of audiology. I’ve helped people with hearing and hearing loss issues for over 19 years. In that time, I have refined the ways my expertise best serves my clients.

While my practice includes diagnostics and advanced digital hearing aid technology, it’s also important that I listen to you. Knowing you and your listening needs will make the information I give you more relevant. A meeting with me will be friendly and specific to your situation.

In our first meeting, I will diagnosis your hearing strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll discuss the results. You’ll come away with solid information and real options, and that’s much better than vague uncertainties and doubts. That empowers you.

You are invited to call at (920) 915-9077 or email us at info@abcaudiology.com to set a time for us to talk."

~ Dr. Stephanie Long, Au.D



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New Discovery Sheds Light on Hereditary Hearing Loss

Researchers have found a breakthrough way to express myosin 15 to study the protein’s structure that could lead to new hereditary hearing loss treatments.

Want to Lower Your Risk of Tinnitus? Drink More Coffee!

Could drinking more coffee lower your risk of tinnitus? New research from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston suggests that it may be so.




Hearing aids are customized to your hearing and lifestyle needs.

Audiologist of the Year
Awarded to Dr. Stephanie Long
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